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Synergy Quest Consulting Think Shop offers several power service solutions. SQC has a network of experts and specialists who come together to work on a project or problem. The SQC NTS Team helps small businesses afford the power of think-tank services without the high costs. SQC Associate Workshops brings various clients and SQC Teams into online roundtable discussions at various times or they can be utilized as part of a low cost workshop for you and your organization . SQC TNT, Synergy Teams network with your team and together the power of synergy is released as part of your own team infused with some outside synergy. This Powerful Multiplication Principle activates a Form Multiplier taking what you have and making it more effective and powerful than on its own…

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Our Coffee Clubs


SQ Think Shops has various formats and venues to meet the most schedules as possible.  SQC has been adapting and developing to meet the needs of our clients, from our live Coffee Clubs to the Recorded Ready when you are able to sit down and have a relaxing cup of your favorite beverage.
Live Coffee Clubs can be SQC lead based on Time Zones of SQC Network Associates.  The live formats include Web and onsite locations*.  Real time (live) interactive topic, workshops and Q&A are a premium package and are limited.

The prerecorded/recorded web-coffee shops are based more on topic than on specific industries.  Live and Prerecorded Specific Industries are selective and competition sensitive, therefore on a more first come first served bases.
The 2014 schedule is heading into the holidays and the Live and Prerecorded are off from the 21st of Nov 2015 until Jan 4th, 2016.   Recorded Coffee Club Topics are sent out to our premium package holders as per our schedule and agreements.

Schedule UPDATE: 21 Nov 2015

Open Coffee Shop Recordings are available throughout the year to subscribers and Private Coffee Clubs that are prerecorded and are scheduled for availability even during the holidays so longs as subscriptions are current and in good standing.

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Custom Services

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Synergy Quest Consulting Services provides training online, onsite and at seminars /conferences. SQC is the only authorized training company for the Human Relations Institute (HRI). As a consulting firm, we provide various levels of consulting as well as various venues. Finding affordable training and consulting from online and/or onsite, and delivered to use products through subscription based programs has helped to lower costs.

Project Management Prep
Teamwork Development
Optimizing Work Environments
Budget Review
Business Development
Business Solutions
Human Relations



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You may contact us as a client, a potential client, a service provider who is bidding on a 465 Bids. However, SQC does not accept any kind of SPAM. We bill $1,750.00 per each incident of SPAM. If you send such SPAM you are agreeing to pay that amount immediately upon request for our time to review you request. SPAM is a crime and we do turn it over to our attorneys for full prosecution of both criminal and civil actions.

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